New Blog!
July 24th, 2010

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the new Guy Vernes Blog!

As you might have noticed, some things have changed since your last visit on our digital playground. From the layout to the content, the Blog is renewed and ready to deliver consistent awesomeness. The Gayel Philwaki episodes are still available and will continue to be released, but we felt a strong need for a new medium that makes immediate output possible. There is a lot to show you and even more to talk about, but within the Gayel Philwaki format we felt that it was inefficient. So from now on, be prepared to be supplied with a continuous delivery of news items, special features, inside stories and more!

To warm you up for what’s coming, here are some examples of new categories that will be added to this blog. In Making the Brand we will be sharing with you the brand’s story, introducing the people behind it and recounting insights, anecdotes and lessons we have learned so far in this beautiful business. Fabulous stories and happenings about the characters will be narrated in The World of Guy Vernes and in Freebies we will be supplying your desktop, mobile theme and other customizable features of your generation-Y tools with digital Guy Vernes must-haves.

In summary, this new blog marks the beginning of a new era and it promises to be a juicy one. So grab a camera and say Cheers!