The Year Wrap-up
January 8th, 2011

Happy New Year, everybody! In the ways of an apparel brand, that is fashionably late, I wish you all an inspiring and beautiful 2011. I’d like to seize this occasion to thank everybody who has been a part of the brand since its relaunch and to give you a short wrap-up of what has been an incredible and very dynamic year. So here we go.

Of course, considering the brand, the biggest event of last year was the relaunch of Guy Vernes in February 2010 which marked the debut of a new era.

Today, almost a year later, it’s interesting to see how things have been developing since. Looking at the brand’s earliest steps back in 2006 it seems that we have made a huge step forward. First, the choice was made to focus on an all-masculine clientele and to let the brand be a blend of our personal backgrounds, philosophies and fashion taste. We set out to refine our premises and to come out fresh, strong and authentic. Our message has clearly resonated, on a global level, and I think that this is one of the company’s biggest achievements of last year.

When you open a store online, you can’t just launch it and watch the orders pile up. Fashion is a very dynamic phenomenon, so secondly we have introduced many things to cater to you and translate the magic that is behind the brand. In May 2010 we launched the Specials which has become a very successful section of the boutique (The Big Idea sold out quickly) and things like the popular Gayel Philwaki Episodes and the World of Guy Vernes helped us share our story and translate the brand’s magic. We have also fine-tuned our products, enriching each article with every new release and broadened our offer bringing Guy Vernes Artwork to the walls of your living room. In short, it is fair to say that the first year of the brand’s relaunch (which I personally consider as the company’s first official year) was a success and watching things develop and growing, we’re infused with inspiration and energy to continue doing what we’re doing bringing you another year of thought-out, authentic streetwear.

Personally I have had the privilege of traveling a lot last year, which fueled me with inspiration from different corners of the world. For you, this means a very interesting upcoming year, believe me. Just looking at the product line-up from behind my desk, I can tell you that we are coming up with straight-up beautiful things. 2011 will also mean some changes and renewals. Although we relaunched backpacking a four year experience in the industry, there were a lot of things we did for the first time and we have learned a great deal since. This means that this year will also see some changes and renewals like a new online store format that allows quick updates so we can make our entire offer available worldwide. In summary, this year promises to be a very interesting and inspiring year and you have my personal promiss that the boyish awesomeness will flow abundantly again in 2011.

Thank you for an incredible year.

Signed: Bilal