Every brand, every company, every collective is made of its people. Guy Vernes is a singular name, but a denunciation that surpasses the individual. This segment is an introduction and a tribute to the ones who make it all happen. Third in line is the talented Andrew Howard Wayne.

With an executive name, Andrew Howard Wayne was destined for greatness. CEO of D’article, Holland’s prolific design thinking agency, Drew is the epitome of boundless creativity. From award-winning product design to complete branding packages and from photography to cooking, Andrew Howard Wayne masters the skills of a designer universalis.

Drew has been with Guy Vernes since day zero; as his advice was the first sought when the brand’s launch was considered. Since that day he has been the brand’s consigliere; an experienced adviser who’s counseling is highly esteemed and respected. He is also responsible for most of the Guy Vernes photography. Bon vivant by nature, Andrew Howard Wayne carries the luminosity of life in a fadeless smile, a visionary brain and a Pininfarina classic.