When it comes to Guy Vernes, there is a multitude of things to be excited about this spring (aside from the beautiful sunny days). While the new website is in steaming construction, the upcoming John Galt Line is in its final stage, a third event is bound to boil up that kettle even more. It is an exciting project we have been working on for quite some time; a collaborative effort, which will result in an all-time premiere.

Guy Vernes teamed up with Dutch leather artisan Flybird to create a unique handmade backpack which will be released this spring!

Made of full grain natural leather, the Guy Vernes + Flybird backpack is something else. Although the design started with a somewhat ludicrous idea, the end result is a cunning mixture of elegance, craftsmanship and simplicity. Only ten bags will be made (fully handmade) at the Flybird atelier in the royal city of The Hague and will be available exclusively as a special on guyvernes.com. Curious already? Stay tuned for the exciting story of the come-up, pictures and moreā€¦