In honor of one of the best (fighting) games ever made, Guy Vernes will release it’s second Special on Friday August 20 titled “Super Fighting People IV”. A brand new collectors item for all fans and especially for those who have bruised their thumbs over a Hadoken or a Sonic Boom sometime in their lives. More on this Special later.

To celebrate this fabulous event, a Super Street Fighter IV tournament will be held on Saturday August 21st. For those of you willing and able to enter the contest, we’ve included all info below. So bring on that trash talk and subscribe now!

A butt being kicked is a wonderful sight for all, so if you can’t fight or too chicken to bring it, but still want to watch the spectacle feel free to join as well.

Tournament information

Super Fighting Man
Saturday 21 August 2010
Starts at 19:00h CET
Labs55, The Hague (the Netherlands)

Prize: a “Super Fighting People IV” Special + SFIV figurine + the ultimate title of “Super Fighting Man”.

Note that the tournament will be played with the later edition, Super Street Fighter IV, on the Xbox 360 console. Default Xbox 360 controllers are available; arcade sticks are of course welcome.

Subscribe by sending an e-mail to ithinkicanhandleit[at]guyvernes[dot]com. Please include in your e-mail your character of choice (for statistical purposes; you are not obliged to actually play with this character).

Ready? FIGHT!