Starting August 24th, both the Guy Vernes brand and the Guy Vernes channel will undergo some exciting changes (the latter will follow in the course of Q4). will no longer be a simple occasional stop for a wardrobe fix, but a full-scale online lounge and boutique! In our store you will find your accustomed clothing and accessories only now an item will be released almost every week. We have been working hard the last couple of months to establish our own production line and we have reached to some very interesting partners for goose bumping dopeness in terms of collaborations. Next to the store, we will launch the Reading Room (project name), an online magazine infused with good reads: short stories, articles, guest contributions, it’s all there and it’s on a regular basis (more on the Reading Room later).

My dear ladies and gentlemen, our efforts result in the fact that you finally no longer have to wait months for a new drop.

So what can you look forward to? First, we will drop what we think will be the store’s number one item: the Sugito bag, another Guy Vernes leather artisan collaboration. And boy, that thing looks in-cre-di-ble! So for those waiting to kick off the academic year in style (man or woman), Sugito made a bag that will rocket your popularity to instant fame. The Guy Vernes x Sugito Back to School Pack will be available on Wednesday August 24th. However the summer is not over yet, so why not enjoy the rest of our sunny days in colourful v-necks, with a woven Guy Vernes Croisière logo? Beautiful playful cuts and we can’t wait to show them to you guys. Of course, don’t forget the Guy Vernes x macn collaboration of greeting cards dropping in September and one of our interns is hanging a rumour of a 2Y Annniversary Special on the grapevine. Somebody getting him off!

On a side note, those who have the chance to be in the neighbourhood by August 20th, make sure to come by our Jazzity runway show for a small spectacle on the Dutch canals (yes, on a floating stage!).

This all is but the tip of the iceberg of what is to come. Surely, we are no brand of empty words so we’ll leave the rest to be demonstrated in deeds. However if you do love words, then there is enough to be excited about in the Reading Room as well, opening its cover in Oktober 2011. But first things first, be on the lookout for our colorful Croisière V-necks and the restock of the Atlantis tees dropping within weeks. Goody goody!