As the green leaves of university campuses and high-school grounds exchange their green summer colors for the tanned tinges of fall, the bells toll for the start of the new year. Excited shoppers get their things ready, freshing up their desks with brand new note pads, pens and markers.

For those who want to walk down the halls in selected elegance, in modern classic charm, hip, fresh and with natural ease we serve the Ambassador; a handmade leather bag for him and her.

In line with the Emissary, comes another collaborative effort, this time with a brilliant young designer by the name of Sugito. The Ambassador is a unisex bag made of 100% cowhide using triple hand dyed leather and is fully handmade. The bag is multifunctional, making clever use of the adjustable strap and can be worn in different ways: as a backpack, shoulder bag or briefcase (see pictures below).

The coolest feature of the Ambassador is most-probably its ingenious mechanism which implements a removable inside-out sleeve. The sleeve is attached to the bag by a simple, yet innovative system and can be detached and used separately. It has room for your phone, note pads, pens and other small stationery items. After detaching the sleeve, you can turn it inside out to have a clean looking housing for your items.

The Ambassador has a surprisingly small format considering all its features and space and has room for a laptop, books and more. Orders are complemented with a hand-rolled china silk cloth/scarf (D’Anconia) and will be shipped free of charge to all destinations around the globe. Get it now exclusively in our store!


- Handmade triple hand, dyed leather bag
- Made of 100% cowhide
- Measures in metric: : 330 mm x 140 mm 240 mm (width x depth x height)
- Measures in inches: 13” x 5.5” x 9.4” (width x depth x height)
- Includes a removable inside-out sleeve
- Adjustable and removable strap
- Is delivered with D’Anconia hand-rolled silk cloth