The ambassador: a story
September 20th, 2011

The Kingdom of Penninox, on the Northern spheres of the mainland, is a well-known and somewhat respected principality. It has a hot-tempered but gentle king who’s grandfather, King Fathem III, once called him jittery and that name has stuck to the current king ever since. King Jittery has emissaries and marshals, messengers and admirals working for him, making sure that all bits and bites of the kingdom are well managed and in control. Amongst the huge blob of hard-working subordinates are the so-called Ambassadors, who travel around the World in mandate, representing the king himself.

Travelling lightly and elegantly, the ambassadors of Penninox bring all that is required to do their job in an exquisite satchel famous for its form and content. In it they carry arguments and courtesy, speeches and chivalry and in the inside pockets they include folded political nuances and firm handshakes. It is with this bag that the ambassadors travel, meeting with the leaders of the World (of Guy Vernes).

It is hence that the sharp and quick-witted ambassadors gained a solid reputation for their casual sense of style and pinpoint content; taking out of their bags the greatest gadgets of diplomatic service.