It was early this year that we received an exciting e-mail from Argentina from an amazing illustrator by the name of Martin Cocchi Nan (macn) offering to collaborate with us. We accepted the offer with firm enthusiasm and a couple of months later we are proud to announce the Guy Vernes x macn limited greeting cards! Macn did a fantastic job in mixing his characteristic drawing style with Guy Vernes characters and the result is a heartwarming and unique blend of style and humor.

The set consists of three greeting cards:
1. The Congratulations of Vigorr (Congratulations) featuring Vigorr from The Unstoppable Vigorr and The Barbecue;
2. The Giant’s Thank You featuring The Giant;
3. Maleko’s Considerate Wishes (Get Well Soon) featuring Maleko from The Male Brain and the Constancy of the Male Brain.

All three cards are printed on special art print paper and come with a fitting envelope. The inside is left blank so you can have all the space to write whatever you like and you can purchase the works individually or as a set of 3 and 9. Furthermore, we offer a free card in every purchase during the release weeks. Check it out!

About macn

macn aka Martín Cocchi Nan was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Where he lives and works. He is a graduated from Arts and Crafts School “Fernando Fader” in Buenos Aires Argentina, then went for Graphic Design in Gutenberg College, and took private illustration lessons with Gaston Caba senior illustrator.

His works uses all hand made textures on ink and limited palletes to develop simple yet delightful vibes in their illustrations.