Now available in the fitting room, the latest peak in our aesthetical journey, the “Kleio” etui. Fully handmade by our lovely partner Chii from Chii Designs, Kleio sets a crafted landmark for the etui anno 2011. This is an item that you have to see with your own eyes, feel and smell to fully comprehend its beauty.

Kleio is made of 100% vegetable-tanned hide which has an impeccably smooth texture and a natural elegance. The etui is fully handsewn, meaning that all stitching is done by hand. Crafted with a keen eye for modern retro, the cut is of architectural precision and the etui is finished with a subtle embossment of the brand logo on the inside flap.

As for the use, we recommend Kleio as a pen case for your pens and pencils or for your tablet pen (tip!). Furthermore, the etui is an excellent cigar travel case for cigar smokers and can house up to five coronas. For the ladies we suggest Kleio as a descreet and graceful case for your small cosmetics. Pencils, cigars or lipstick, to us, Kleio is the new meaning of etui.


- 100% handsewn
- vegetable-tanned hide leather
- embossed logo
- holds approx. 5 pens/pencils or a corona cigar
- measures in inches : approx. 7” x 1.25” x 1.25”
- measures in metric: approx. 180mm x 34mm x 34mm
- created and handmade by our lovely Chii from Chii Design
- exclusively available in our store