A sharp ray of light hits my eyes as the train takes me further away from him. He left this morning, quick, he’s always late. He kissed me on my cheek as I slowly woke up. He ran into the bathroom to take a quick shower. With the water slowly flowing in the background, I turned to the mirror, whisking my hair into a big bundle of playful strings. I ran downstairs to make him a cup of coffee and some toast. I hear his footsteps creeping down the small corridor we attempt to call a hallway. The smell of Chanel de Blue finds its way to me to trigger even more love for him. He kisses me in my neck as I pour him some coffee. I put my hands behind me in an attempt to reach for his back. I can feel the softness of the shirt he’s wearing, I smile, he turns me around and takes off his shirt. “You wear it today”. I put on the shirt, kiss him goodbye and walk up the stairs. I walk into our bedroom where the morning breeze brushes swiftly through the curtains, I take a look in the mirror, smell the scent of his perfume on the t-shirt and realize. It’s not just my guy, it’s his Guy Vernes.