Brrr…The Winter Has Struck
December 2nd, 2011

The cold knocked on the door and invited itself in, so the winter season can be officially declared. How are we going to face the icy winds and freezing days? Is our wardrobe ready to handle the extremity of winter? Guy Vernes has the answer in three consequent drops.

Board Writers

November is over, but the days of the mustache will never end. After a good run on the Writers tee, we decided to call one of our favourite characters, The Mustache Man, back on a very special feature. For those who missed out on last year’s The Big Idea, get another chance at picking up a Guy Vernes original limited work (only 30 made). Buy


The tale of Daedalus and his disobedient son Icarus is a poetic tragedy and one of the most prominent tales in Greek mythology. Icarus has been floating on our website for some time now (thankfully, the sun doesn’t shine on the internet) and now his flight extends to a vintage-style sweater. Just don’t get too close to the sun…Buy

Kuma Tribe

The Kuma Tribe sweater is the encore of our graphic winter set. For this piece, we chose to boldly stitch our patterned cotton on the front and finish it with a woven logo in the corner, thus reviving the dynamic duality of African ethnic art and Hiphop expression of the early nineties. Buy