A lot of skirts
February 2nd, 2012

Now that the fashion weeks have come to an end and the sartorial man has flipped through the A/W 2012 lookbooks, scrolled down the essential blogs and maybe even watched the runway shows of bigger and smaller labels, a pretty good idea can be formed of the looks and cuts that he will be served this winter.

We all know that androgyny is hip. The come up of the female man is a fact in contemporary men’s fashion and even the manliest of man has adjusted his silhouette to a sharper, slimmer and some might say, more sensual form. Thus the extensive reintroduction of the skirt on the runway didn’t come as a surprise. Since the controversial use of the skirt in menswear by Jean-Paul Gaultier in the eighties, the traditionally female item has spotted the runway, until making its lasting statement this season. It is a development to be curious about. Many variations, colors and fabrics, long considered conventionally female, have been reinterpreted to the male repertoire, but will the skirt really break through the conservative realm of menswear to find its way in the natural habitat of our daily wardrobe? Today, an affirmative answer seems to be an avant-gardist reply, but it’s interesting to watch what the future will tell.