What’s different about the Tumblr photos is that they intrigue you and fascinate you, but unlike the superfluous playboy-esque nude pics that have become the standard male treat (read: whatever), Tumblr chicks hit the mind. They take you with them into something real, giving you a peak into a small world that you can relate to. These are shots of a natural woman, a celebration of feminine beauty through the subtle details of a captured moment. Maybe it’s a highbrow thing or maybe we just like to see women in a new way. Intimacy is luring in every picture, making Tumblr girls trigger man’s true desire.

We asked three men, all three interactive designers, to select a Tumblr girl and describe in a few lines what they liked about the photograph. The results are truly poetic testimonials. Let the praise begin…

Jordi van der Oord | teamsigma.tumblr.com | Interactive Designer, Rotterdam:
Visually, this might be the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. For a start, I like her posture: nonchalant, yet challenging. Her glare tells me that she’s not interested and that’s the feeling that makes it more so interesting. The colors of the picture only boost her beauty.

Her face is perfect. To me, every part of her face is shaped perfectly. The form of her lips, the roundings of her nose, the dark brows and the bland look in her eyes. The jawline round up the face in aesthetical minimalism.

What I might like the most, is the seemingly misplaced earlow coming from under her gorgeous hair. Following the line of her face and the perfection of the other shapes, it might even look weird or failed. But it is exactly this subtlety that makes the picture natural and accessible, triggering the realization that this is just a girl that I might bump into tomorrow on the street.

Matiás Jansen | tumblr.matiasjansen.com | Interactive Designer, New York City:
What I like about her? The contrast caused by her white-blonde hair and the deep blue palet of the background. The austere calm she seems to have. The impression of a modern modesty generated by her figure, face and clothing. The fragile lines of her face.

Niek Dekker | freshderpy.tumblr.com | Interactive Designer, Amsterdam:
What I like about her? The joy she radiates. Especially her bright, joyful eyes, perfected by the lifted cheeks caused by her smile. Her subtle style,: simple cardigan, simple bag, basics. The lack of gimmicks allow her face and hair to fully come to life. Her teeth as well, although imperfect maybe, but the more so real. Her long dark hair, a little messy, rugged; a contrast with her young, soft face. Beautiful. Perfection in imperfection. A grown-up girl, intelligent, cheerful, tender.

What I like about her? Her uniqueness. The imperceptible beauty. The proportions in her face. Big mysterious eyes and full lips. Her characteristics, like the mole on her chin, the expression of her face.

On a side note, David Koster | youngdazey.tumblr.com | Artist & PR Manager, on Emma Stone:

Emma Stone is the awesomest chick in the world. First it was Mila Kunis, but the goofyness and charm of Emma have taken over. She is a natural ginger/brunette, but this color suits her great. The reddish hair combined with the clear blue eyes instantly turn her face into an eyecatcher.

What I like about her the most is her smile. The beauty of it is that’s it not a Hollywood grin. It’s a beautiful, genuine smile that reveals a hidden geek.