“Guys, I think I might be oldschool”

Last Friday, when we were having our weekly dinner with the Guy Vernes crew at the Bistro, Bilal told me he was worried that he might be losing his connection with the current times and that he more and more only likes old stuff. “My taste was always a bit classic, but now I just don’t seem to care about all the crap people produce these days.” My first thought was ‘this is a serious problem, because you own a contemporary fashion brand’. But after he pointed out some examples of the things he likes, which include some famous design classics and must-see movies, I began to understand that maybe it isn’t a love for the old, but a love for the classics.

What makes a classic?

I like to think of a classic as something that people just don’t want to forget. Sometimes a classic functions as a milestone in a development timeline; other classics are simply masterpieces of aesthetics. Although they were created in a certain period, we will love them forever and therefore these creations become timeless. What we must realize is that these old things we call classics, were created alongside thousands, no millions of other things we no longer talk about or see in magazines. We simply forgot about them, just as we are going to forget about the enormous amount of distracting nonsense we have to navigate through today. But let’s not forget that somewhere in the big pile of fleeting modern junk, there are pearls to discover. Precious little creations by today’s brilliant minds and creative geniuses. Creations, which we will one day call classics, because they are just too good to ever forget.

The importance of curation

Tom Ford was the one who made me realize that you can create your own high quality environment. You just have to use good filters. There is a lot of good stuff being created these days but with everyone being a publisher on the internet, it would take forever to go through it all and choose what is worth your time. Right now there are fantastic Tumblr blogs that just blog visual crack. They are like collages of a personality. Fantastic. The best part is that anyone can start creating such a collage within seconds, using pictures you like with the click of a reblog button. And what did I discover? The best-viewed Tumblr blogs are the ones that curate the…yes, the classics. Awesome street style fashion of men wearing tweed, bow ties, suits and the return of the tiepin. It’s so now, and yet so classic.

So by loving the classics, fashionwise, you are actually liking the current trend.