It must be great fun to create the collection of a national football team. Whatever team, the result is always a subtle work because of the practical framework (national colors, outfit standards, etc.), which makes it interesting to explore and discover. Fortunately, the giants who have the privilege to do this work usually end up delivering. Here are some examples.

By far the most interesting kit of all is France’s blue striped outfit designed by Nike. The deep royal blue color pallet is very elegant and the use of gold adds a something of a spartanic refinement. Note the collar. Very nice.

Umbro designed England’s outfit. The somewhat bland overall result however is compensated by the subtle use of a red stripe motif on the inside of the collar and the tip of the shorts.

Part of their dry-fit technology whatever is Nike’s addition of geometrical holes on the side of the shirt and the top of the shorts for cooling purposes. A beautiful aesthetic execution of a functional element.

Another beautiful touch on France’s blue striped shirt is the gold hexagon on the sleeve.

Nike has implemented matte exterior piping on the shoulder lines of every jersey. Although the function is unknown, the visual result is applauded.

Admittedly, Russia’s outfit is worth a shrug. One feature stands out: Adidas’ use of the very subtle pattern on the main fabric.