Meet our gorgeous and fashionably dexterous stylist, a young woman whose love for food and fashion culminates in the sparkling amalgam of chef cook, freelance stylist and fashion blogger. With 6 months short from a degree in cultural anthropology at the University of Amsterdam, it is redundant to say that brains have met beauty in a park full of steroids. Her emerging fashion blog, Urban Attire, truly is a breath of fresh air in the pool of fashionista content as she focuses on detailing, presenting and recommending affordable on-point fashion. Or like she puts it: translating catwalk to sidewalk. Needless to say that it’s a valuable and praised petit trésor.

On a regular basis, Urban Attire will put up a style suggestion with one of our products. To kick off the segment, we start with the only ladies item in store: the crop tee.

Wear this wonderful crop-top by Guy Vernes with:

- Highwaisted denim shorts (with studs would be awesome)
- Your beloved Vans (never gets old)
- A large black tote (city chic)
- Your favorite sunnies (if the weather permits it)
- A statement necklace (something edgy)
- A see-through skirt (asymmetrical or full length)
- Preferably chunky heels (the chunkyer, the funkyer)

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