Meet Jordi
February 12th, 2013

Meet Jordi, girls magnet and interactive designer. Together with Niek Dekker he is co-responsible for our digital art work. We asked him fifteen questions to re-introduce our favorite little brother and all-time music aficionado. Ladies can fan out through

Jordi van der Oord

Birth place
Delft, The Netherlands

Tumblr page

Astro sign

Currently obsessed with
Pugs (dogs)

Supernatural power I would like to possess
Never grow up and stay this age

When I was 13, I was wearing
Skate clothes, as large as possible!

Dream vacation
Driving the west coast of the USA

Favorite historical figure
Walter Elias Disney

Favorite song
James Blake – Lindesfarne I

Favorite day trip out of the city
Roadtrip with my friends and lots of good music

Favorite place for coffee
Coffee Company – Rotterdam, The Meent

Best party ever
Meneer Zondag; a little outdoor party I organize with Niek Dekker. Lovely people, beautiful weather, perfect music and good times. Inspired by the Mister Sunday parties we went to in Brooklyn, NY.

Favorite Guy Vernes item
Logo in seasonal color (Carthage) and the Seven Seas T-shirt.

Dream for the future
That Guy Vernes becomes a world famous brand with recognized beautiful products and a team of friends who run the company with tenderness.

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