Meet Andrew
April 26th, 2013

Photographer and art director Andrew Chin has been telling our story to the world since the very start. Dru lives in Liberty City, where he rolls top-down down the boulevard spitting Jerry Maguire quotes like rap fire. Show him the money and he’ll clean up your house in his underwear to Mariah Carey lullabies. Meet the well-rounded guy with the finest shot: Andrew Howard Wayne Chin.

Andrew Howard Wayne Chin
Birth place:
Twitter name:
Astro sign:
Currently obsessed with:
Supernatural power I would like to possess:
The ability to fly
When I was 13, I was wearing:
Expensive oversized dress shirts with lavish prints, gold jewelry and a handful of gel in my hair.
Dream vacation:
A long stay in New Zealand
Favorite historical figure:
Leonardo da Vinci because he is considered the father of the Homo Universalis.
Favorite car:
Bugatti Veyron but I’ll have to start with a Lotus Elise.
Favorite day trip out of the city:
Antwerp for sure
Favorite place for coffee:
Anywhere in Italy
Favorite place for roti:
Ricardo near Muiderpoort Station. The most refined roti I ever ate with the softest pancake I ever ripped. Only available on Thursdays.
Place for people-watching:
I love watching fat people at the food courts in Florida malls.
Favorite Guy Vernes item:
That must be my Dagny Cardigan.
My vice and my virtue:
My vice is everything that gives instant gratification. My virtue would be my sense of honor.

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