Meet Benni & the Wayfarer, the first characters to be introduced from the upcoming Colored Like Coal series.

The Story of Benni and the Wayfarer

Like all winged creatures, Benni was born in the Kingdom of Penninox from a family of royal messengers working directly under the King for decades. By an unkown cause, Benni lost his ability to speak by the age of four; leaving his parents with a lifelong mystery. Some say that Benni witnessed a traumatic event early in his life, although his relaxed and joyful attitude proves the contrary, others suggest that he simply refused to speak any longer. Benni grew up to be one of the finest messengers of the city regardless, delivering news, letters and packages in a record time further enhancing the impeccable reputation of his family.

It was not until the King himself decided to send Benni to deliver outside the kingdom that a curious, small creature entered his life. It was said that sending a mute messenger to the unknown world could be a risky business, so it was decided that a talkative, ray-banning creature should accompany Benni on his travels. Since it could not fly, the creature was given the name “the Wayfarer”. Now an inseparable duo, Benni and the Wayfarer travel the lands of the World through extraordinary adventures you’ll surely hear about one day.

Product information

Benni and the Wayfarer appear on a smooth, medium-fit 100% combed-cotton tee. To make sure that the fabric follows the shoulder lines perfectly, the tee is manufactured with a shoulder to shoulder necktape. Of course the whole is double stitched to give the textile a qualitative sturdiness. Two color variations will be available: white and dark grey.