And the winner is…
June 21st, 2013

The winners of the Guy Vernes x BLEND\ Writing Competition are announced. Curious to know who won the complete Guy Vernes summer outfit? Find out now…

First and foremost allow us to congratulate and applaud each one of you for entering our Writing Competition. Within the endless amount of contests where participants are simply asked to Like & Share on Facebook, we on the other hand wanted to set up a true competition that would challenge people and enable a platform for everyone with a writing aspiration.

The terms of our competition demanded the creation of an original work and we are grateful and humbled by the effort that each one of you has put into his or her entry. For that we’ve decided to reward every competitor with an issue of I Love Fake magazine and a set of limited Guy Vernes x Macn greeting cards.

After a long recess, we at Guy Vernes and BLEND\ have selected the following top 5 entries:

Winner: “Stories” by Colin Jansen
The jury says: Beautiful and original poem. Shows effort and skill. Captivating humorous narrative. Good and relevant thematic choice and timely reference to Blend and Guy Vernes.

Runner up: “Petrichor” by RiĆ«tte Wolting
The jury says: Nicely done. Good English. Great and original reference to James Joyce’s work and the collection theme. Although a short piece, it shows that great effort has been put into it. Good job.

3rd place: “For the guy blends us ours” by Charlotte Walscheid van Dijk
The jury says: Great poem. Consistent and good rhythm. Beautiful and effortless incorporation of Blend and Guy Vernes in a thematic way. Nicely done.

4th place: A poem by Remco Stoppelenburg
The jury says: nice and short descriptive poem. Too simple however to run up against the top three.

5th place: “How graphic artists get their inspiration” by Jesse van Epenhuijsen
The jury says: Interesting content, but written hastily and too simplistic. The text could have used a bit more time and effort. Scenes follow each other quickly, losing a well-contructed build-up, climax and ending.

We congratulate Colin Jansen for winning our writing competition! He is the proud owner of a complete Guy Vernes summer outfit.

Thanks to everyone for participating and keep those inky juices flowing. And make sure to keep an eye on our website as the top three entries will be published later this week.

Guy Vernes & BLEND\