Read the poem of the 3rd place winner of the Guy Vernes x BLEND\ Writing Contest.

For the guy blends us ours
A poem by Charlotte Walscheid van Dijk

Stretching the streets,
strolling the stones
The sound of concrete
tumbling to create
a maze
of all the different ways
By every turn and time again
While living adventure
with all to lose but regret
of the unsaid,
the undone and the thought of
the scent of sweat,
the brow it took to get
the streets, the feeling, the vibe,
that piece deep, deep down inside
and all that is right
as is the strength that brought us here
not to follow peers,
or inspiration
but to BLEND, play life
Such magical reality
create we
wearing none but one
he who makes it ours

Guy Vernes.