What is a romance stripped from all the flourish? What is a serenade without a guitar? A poem without ornaments? True love might just be something very simple; a bare story of two people connecting. Our latest limited pack for the holidays plays with the answers; where He meets Her, straight lines and dots, capturing the essence of the lover’s true colors.

Photography: Andrew Chin
Model: Sam Visser

“The Babylonian” T-shirt – this season’s house special. Go to store.

“The Babylonian” T-shirt – back side, including a John Lennon quote as thematic reference. Go to store.

“Dots” five-panel cap. Go to store.

“The Waves” T-shirt. Go to store.

“Connecting (Je t’aime) T-shirt. Go to store

“Coming Home” French terry drop-shoulder sweatshirt. Go to store

“L’Amoureux” Kimono-style tailored blazer. Go to store