On the red corner, weighing a 72,6 kg, it’s the incredible, the undefeated, the Unstoppable Vigorr!

The story of The Unstoppable Vigorr

Nobody really knows when Vigorr (read: Veegorrr, with rolling “R”) was born and it surely seems as if everybody who happens to have met him, has marked a different birthday on their calendars.

Vigorr was a restless child and in adulthood, he continues to be a very lively spirit. His peculiar love for punching things got his parents to send him to the famed Takeda’s Dojo where he was introduced to his life’s love: boxing. Through his energetic spirit and a body that seems to withstand every blow, Vigorr has become famous throughout the World for his unbreakable character. In the hundreds of fights he has entered, none has been lost, granting him the adjective of “unstoppable”; a nickname he carries with pride.

Product information

Silk-screen printed on a very smooth 185 gsm tee, The Unstoppable Vigorr comes in two different color variations: white and heather. Using 100% preshrunk cotton, the tee is tailored with a round knitted body making it a perfect medium-fit tee for both the summer and the chilly days.

Those of you who’ve seen the sketch on Facebook dropped last month: this is the end result.