Every brand, every company, every collective is made of its people. Guy Vernes is a singular name, but a denunciation that surpasses the individual. This segment is an introduction and a tribute to the ones who make it all happen. Second in line is the incredible Niek Dekker.

Competence, love for life, drive, perfection and genuineness are but a few words to describe the genius virtuosity that is Niek Dekker. A tremendous designer, he not only is the one who flavores the brand with visual elegance, giving Guy Vernes a style and an opulent presentation, but continues to be a key figure to the brand in varying ways. His masterpiece is GuyVernes.com; an individual tour de force, the results being three web awards, 11.000 unique visitors on the launch month and a digital impression creating fans and followers alike.

With the exception of the product design, almost every visual outlet you see is his work, including this blog. Aged 23, Niekie Day surely is the pinnacle of young Dutch design carrying Guy Vernes on humble shoulders through a path of friendship, beauty and hard work.

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