Guy Vernes Artwork
August 14th, 2010

Guy Vernes is more than tees and polos. We can imagine that it’s hard for those of you who cannot drop by at the Mansion once in a while, to comprehend the totality of the brand. This is more so the case with our boutique only displaying a handful of products. One of our main intentions with the renewed blog is to try to fill that gap by publishing more about Guy Vernes on a regular basis, including our ever-growing product-line.

Those of you who enrich our days by their visits at the Mansion not only notice the elegant shelves painted by the colors of freshly pressed tees, but if they look at the walls, they see framed Guy Vernes artwork hanging against a flat background. Hence, by a quick glance around the room, almost every new visitor tells me the same: “So Guy Vernes is more than just tees!”.

This weekend, Guy Vernes Artwork premieres, as a mini-exposition will be put on permanent display at the Coffee Company in Delft. The little exhibition features two framed artworks of which one is a Coffee Company exclusive. The revelation of these artworks will of course be part of the Colored Like Coal Presentation this Sunday.

Exciting news to be continued…