Sixteen men. Fridge full of beverage. One Xbox 360 console. As the Hague witnessed the return of a hot summer evening, the heat in the crowded room had nothing to do with the welcome weather conditions. Instead, the collision of testosterone and adrenaline put the sweat on each forehead, telling the icy beer that the hand holding it was about to enter battle. The boy had to stay out of the kitchen, there was only room for man; the Super Fighting Man!

Last Saturday, Guy Vernes hosted “Super Fighting Man”, a Street Fighter IV tournament in celebration of its second Special release!

Thanks to our boy wonder Andrew Howard Wayne, we are able to show you a 2 min. edit of the incredible showdown. After three hours of intense combat, winner Oun (Vega/Sagat) is the sole and proud bearer of the title Super Fighting Man, followed by second prizewinner Marvin (Ken) and the number three spot went to Andy (Sagat/Ryu).