Number four in line of the Colored Like Coal line-up are Muny, Puny and the Tree of Ambition!

The Story of Muny, Puny & the Tree of Ambition

Between the wonderful city of Allegory and the long Road to Success live curious twins by the name of Muny and Puny [open World Map]. It was said and believed that the two were born from the seeds of a famous tree somewhere on the Western Plains. Both a legend and a mystery, the story of their birth sprinkled the lives of Muny and Puny with dusts of secrecy the twins simply could not escape from. So on a day just like this, when the two finally reached the age of adulthood and the birds sang the hymn of a summer morning, Muny and Puny left their home to journey on the Western Plains in search of the famous tree.

The Tree of Ambition was not hard to find as the miraculous plant lay at the heart of the lowlands amidst astonished pilgrims and fascinated tourists. Awed by the energy that radiated from the tree, Muny and Puny slowly approached their destination wondering whether they were once seeds fallen from the tree’s Fruit of Labour.

Product Information

Like the previous designs, Muny and Puny is silk-screen printed on a 185 gsm tee, double-stitched and with a shoulder to shoulder neck tape to curve the fabric with the shoulders line. The tee also comes in two color variations: white and blue, maintaining a subtle appearance while being captivating at the same time.