On a market square tiled with reminisce of Dutch history, a place between a church and a city hall of grandeur, lays a coffee spot flavored with the smell of beans and the sounds of cool jazz in the evening. If you walk in the place, the aroma of Arabica and Mocca surely will embrace your body, welcoming you in like a friend with a warm hug of passion. If you happen to find today’s newspaper on the table near the entrance, grab one to accompany your little stay and walk down the stairs to the basement floor. You will soon see, as you enter the luminous room, that the reddish leather of a sofa calls your body to rest on it’s cushions. Take a seat, sip your ristretto or white mocca latte and enjoy a moment as pure pleasure is ought to be lived. Above your head, as you sit and marvel, two Guy Vernes artworks will be hanging on the wall, enriching your coffee and jazz with what the eye loves to see.

Re-interpretation of the Beethoven Frieze

Homage to Gustav Klimt, the Re-interpretation of the Beethoven Frieze is an artwork honoring one of the greatest painters of modern times. Klimt’s painting, The Beethoven Frieze, which celebrates the famous composer Beethoven, is painted directly on the walls of the Vienna Secession Building (in which it is on permanent display). Everlastingly intrigued and fascinated by this enormous work, Guy Vernes has created a re-interpretation of a segment (The Hostile Forces) in the brand’s characteristic style.

The Coffee Company

Exclusively for the coffee chain, Guy Vernes created The Coffee Company featuring Caf and Decaf. Inspired by the liquid substance we all adore, this artwork is an original piece depicting an unusual “coffee moment” in authentic Guy Vernes design.

These works are now on permanent display at the Coffee Company, basement floor (Delft, the Netherlands). Paper artprints, dark wooden frame with glass, 73×53 cm / 29×21 inch each.

For purchase inquiries send an e-mail to info@guyvernes.com.