Nearing the end of the Colored Like Coal overview, we reach the fifth item of the series, the collection’s little surprise: the Road to Success Tote Bag!

About the Road to Success

Situated near the city of Allegory, the Road to Success is the only way to reach the Top, the hightest peak of the Triumph mountains [open World Map]. Often experienced as a long road which goes up and down the relief in reach of its destination, some even believe that it never ends. Enveloped in a fog of mystery, the Road to Success is a tough ride for most travelers seeking to attain the Top. At the end of the path, one can see Muny and Puny’s little house on the prairie.

Product Information

Perfect for your little visit to the library or for a small stroll past the market stalls, the Road to Success is an off-white colored heavyweight tote bag catching the eye wherever you are. The artsy item is folded on the side and on the bottom to remain in shape and gently priced, the little bag is an affordable collector’s item that’ll guarantee a promenade in style.

Available at Gorilli Concept Store. Price: € 19,95.