The Eyezo Polo (CLC pt. 6)
September 2nd, 2010

The story of the Eyezo

Living in the busy franticness of the Capital, some creatures like to reset and recharge at the nearest resort after a day of fast-paced, metropolitan activity. Leaving the city from its West-side borough, you will find a bridge at the mouth of Peddle River near Monsters Lake which will lead you directly to The Hillies: a luxurious location harboring the best spas, hotels and resorts [open World Map]. Surely, your arrival at this breathtaking place will not go unnoticed as The Hillies have eyes; a strange fact which might scare you a little when entering this x-star super resort.

But don’t be scared. Because when you accept their piercing view, you’ll see that they are only worried regarding your restoration, trying to provide you with ease and wisdom, and make you leave the place feeling illuminated and enriched, ready to return to The Capital or better yet make your way to the Road of Success. Leaving The Hillies in their ecstatic new state, it is common for locals to bring back with them an Eyezo: an iconic peddle that they carry next to their hearts, connecting mind, body and soul, representing wisdom and protecting them on their life’s journey.

Product Information

After the great success of the now iconic Guy Vernes Polo, the Eyezo is created for those looking for a playful yet clean polo shirt. The shirt follows a beautiful fitted cut, tailored to make your body look ever-more manly. The use of synthetic felt premieres as the design is cut and stitched by hand on a 100% combed cotton (double piqué) fabric. In summary: this one promises to be another big hit for those looking for another authentic piece.

Photograph: wearing a cream on navy combination of the Eyezo Polo during the Colored Like Coal presentation.