If you have been reading this blog lately, it must be apparent by now that Guy Vernes is a huge fan of the Street Fighter games, especially of the latest edition. It’s a game of emotions, of skill, of manly prowess and agility; a post-modern duel where bare fists collide in a showdown of tactical brilliancy.

As a tribute to this game, Guy Vernes is proud to present its second Special: The Barbecue; Super Fighting People IV; an artistic homage to nostalgia and the heydays of a boyish present.

Following the introduction of Guy Vernes Artwork last month and in reaction to the numerous positive replies to the Mini-Exposition, the evident choice was made to release for the first time an original Guy Vernes print to the public and what better premiere can we do than an all-star Special featuring both the Street Fighter characters as well as the Guy Vernes creatures! The complete work will be elaborated in detail below, as we will guide you through the featured fighters in an awesome evening of friendly vibes and barbecue chicken. Grab a beer and follow.

Scene 1: Yoga Man, Brutus and Ruy

As Yoga Man (Super Fighting People; “SFP” hereafter) is taking care of the grilled chicken and the sis kebab, Brutus (SFP) pleads for a bite while Ruy (SFP) impatiently waits his turn.

Scene 2: Katsushiro, Gorbal, El Cocinero and the Wayfarer

While Katsushiro (MicAssassins) and Gorbal (SFP) converse and drink, the Wayfarer (Benni & the Wayfarer) pops out of the bushes startling the two fighters with his sudden movement. In the meantime El Cocinero (SFP) jumps high in the air in defiance after being denied the position of the evening’s barbecue man.

Scene 3: The Speech

This evening’s speech is brought by Scarchest (SFP) toasting to a great day and an awesome company. Vigorr (The Unstoppable Vigorr) and Kambei (MicAssassins) listen to the eulogy in utter amusement. As you can see, an Eyezo (the Eyezo Polo) is brought along as a lucky charm. In the meantime, the only lady of the bunch, Spiral Chick (SFP) is relaxing on the grass enjoying the day’s last sunrays.

Product Information

The Barbecue: Super Fighting People IV. 90 x 32 cm / 35,4 x 12,6 inch. Print on 300 grs paper. Black wood frame with glass. Limited supply of 15 prints. Each numbered and signed.

Now available on GuyVernes.com!