Colored Like Coal. It’s the poetic, slightly romantic translation of the word “black” as well as the name of the upcoming Guy Vernes collection, set to hit the shelves this summer.

Offering a total of 7 new items, Colored Like Coal takes on a different approach than the current series while maintaining the distinctive Guy Vernes look and feel. It’s a mixture of an extensive array of ingredients, resulting in a brand-new product range for the summer of 2010.

To give you a quick overview of what is coming up, here are a couple points of interest. Each topic will be discussed in full detail in the upcoming weeks, but for now a short summary:


While the current collection is inspired by the numerous manifestations of the arts, especially of music, Colored Like Coal takes on another topic of the young adult male life: Success, or to be more specific, the road to it; the aspiration to success. This inspirational subject, that seems to be entrenched in today’s modern, post-graduation youngman’s life, is a recurring theme throughout the series.


Colored Like Coal means that in comparison with the current series, the upcoming one is toned down in terms of paint use. Toned down, not purged from color. A choice has been made to use more black and white tones in the designs leaving behind the “in your face” type of prints used for the current collection. The result is a more subtle and defined series, accessible and classic.


From our point of view, it is better to offer a handful of classic items than dozens of designs, which might or might not include great pieces. It’s like an album: it’s better to have 10 great songs on the record, than 10 great songs + 20 other average ones. The first is a classic album, the second simply is good. It’s a choice that serves the collection as a whole. Colored Like Coal also consists of a marginal product range. Dozens of new items are in fact created, but a strict selection of a handful few finds its way to final production and eventually to your closet.

The new series consist of four new tees as well as a new polo shirt and two other surprises, making a total of seven brand-new items. The Classic tee (brand logo) and the Guy Vernes polo remain in (every) collection. The latter will be enriched with two new colors.

Product overview Colored Like Coal:

- Benni & the Wayfarer (tee)
- The Unstoppable Vigorr (tee)
- Muny, Puny and the tree of Ambition (tee)
- The Male Brain (tee)
- Eye Eye (polo shirt)
- Surprise 1
- Surprise 2


Of course the website will be refreshed, with new photographs and an updated boutique. The current collection will still be available for sale (although in another format), but the restocking stops. So starting now: if it’s sold-out, it’s sold-out forever. So if you’re still doubting whether to get that tee or not, think twice.

There is a lot more to say on what is coming up and we know what you’re thinking: enough talk, show me the goods! During the forthcoming weeks, each of the abovementioned topics will be discussed in more detail to give you a good insight on what to expect. Each individual design will be presented in full detail, warming you up to meet a sunny summer in your brand-new Guy Vernes piece. The next post will open the curtains on a spectacular, fashionable show called “Colored Like Coal”.

Happy summer, folks!