The Giant is back!
November 15th, 2010

It is undoubtedly a Guy Vernes icon, the sweater which incorporates the essence of the brand, in design, in fabric, in the allure of a wintry piece. Given birth on a snowy day in 2007, it is the item that immaculately translated our story on fleece and cotton when we received requests for “that cut-off giant”. Its tale is embedded in its simplicity and is retold over the course of two sold-out releases.

Now coming back for its third strike, ladies and gentlemen, we proudly reintroduce to you, a Guy Vernes classic: The Giant.

For this special world-wide release, we chose to bring out our favorite crewneck in a beautiful, unique, deep heather color. With fleece on the inside, The Giant is an exceptionally comfortable piece that will keep your warm and fashionable during the winter. Furthermore, the sweater has a unisex fitting, so it might just be your sure-shot gift for the holidays should you want to please a lady with swag or if you’re one yourself, of course.

The Story of The Giant

Aah Renibi, the little island off the eastern sea. The sun never seems to hide behind the clouds, confident, it stands tall in the blue above the mountains. And like the sun, looking down on the colorful ground and fauna, are the isle’s inhabitants, taller than tall, titans, and so the land is also called the Island of the Giants. It is on this enigmatic islet, that The Giant was born, named after its quality, like that same sun, it needs no other designation. He stomps the land looking for food, love and entertainment and when the night falls The Giant rests in the light of the moon closing his eyes, but keeping on his underwear. The tie is a gift from his father, a Penninoxian (which explains the unusual wings) who came to the island in search of adventure and a good wife so it seems. A symbol for an island full of mysteries, the story of The Giant is just a peak in the world where titans rule.

How can I get one?

The Giant can be ordered by sending an e-mail to
Price: € 49,95
Available color: Deep heather
Available sizes: S, M, L, XL

The Giant is also available at Gorilli Concept Store Rotterdam.