“How a man named Gayel Philwaki separates fact from fiction” is the episodic tale of a man who one day finds himself in a room he has never been in before, sitting opposite a man he has never met. Handed over a file labeled "Guy Vernes", Gayel is given the strange task of separating fact from fiction. Intrigued and curious, Gayel starts going through the file's documents, using his ability as a lawyer to fulfill the task. In each episode, Gayel starts by writing facts followed after by a related fictional story. This is another of his writings."

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As the morning sun awakened The Shop in the luminous manner of a mother by her child’s bed…

Yo momma’s so fat, she doesn’t need the internet she’s already world wide.

…The three of us were standing in the middle of the room glancing at an object which Orka and I had trouble identifying on first sight. Out of his brown, stockinette stitch pouch, Soup pulled out a small box which reminded me of my Scarface-humidor I threw away by accident last year. It was an incident with an effect similar to a break-up by adultery: painful and enraging at the same time. Now I was looking at a wooden box of which the content still was a mystery, wondering whether the smell of freshly rolled cigars would come out as Soup carefully opened the lid.

When each one of us was so dedicated with exploring and developing their respective talents, it was hard defining Soup’s exact points of strength. We never doubted the brilliancy that was hidden behind the thick frame of his Clubmasters, but it seemed as if Soup was always hiding his trump card behind a layer of openhearted flamboyancy. It was thanks to his never-ending circle (pleonasm unintended) of friends and acquaintances that we owed a lot of our artistic and commercial deliveries, yet Soup was more than just a connector. He always came up with new ideas, things to try, concepts to develop and people to meet. Today he seemed to be in that kind of mood and we were curious as to the content of that little box.

“A party hat?” As Soup took off the lid, Orka’s questioning words seemed to bear the evident marks of disappointment. The elegant package contained a paper party hat and both Orka and I weren’t sure what to think of this revelation. “No,” replied Soup looking at the both of us with a continuous nod of excitement, “come on, guys…It’s not a party hat…it’s a party!”. “What do you mean, “it’s a party”?” Orka continued in the same skeptical tone. “We should throw a party!” Soup replied in complete ignorance of his interlocutor’s cynic disbelief. Orka’s suspicious attitude however wasn’t completely shared by me. We threw parties on a regular basis and with the modest means we had, we still managed to get each one of them classified in people’s “must always attend these guy’s parties” section of their memory. If Soup was telling us this, than the festivities he was talking about must be something different.

“We’re going to do it here, at The Shop, this Friday,” he continued “It’s going to be something special, I got a big idea!”. Like I said, behind the glasses and the vibrant persona, brilliancy was Soup’s unmarked trait.

Signed: Gayel Philwaki