“How a man named Gayel Philwaki separates fact from fiction” is the episodic tale of a man who one day finds himself in a room he has never been in before, sitting opposite a man he has never met. Handed over a file labeled "Guy Vernes", Gayel is given the strange task of separating fact from fiction. Intrigued and curious, Gayel starts going through the file's documents, using his ability as a lawyer to fulfill the task. In each episode, Gayel starts by writing facts followed after by a related fictional story. This is another of his writings."

Cut the ribbon and pop the bottle! Starting today The Guy Vernes Specials are available! Kicking off is The Big Idea!

For the beau monde and by popular demand, the opulent “The Big Idea” raglan crewneck sweatshirt is created as an elite item combining Guy Vernes design with a fashionable translation of what the brand has best to offer.

After receiving numerous requests for a new Guy Vernes design that would be closer to the original drawings, the big idea for The Big Idea was born. More and more people asked for an accessible piece with clear definitions in its composition and preferably a wintry item for the surprisingly cold spring days here on the continent. Hence, it was felt that it would be great if a new, original piece could be created, a special item outside of the regular collection that would answer to the call in a most fashionable manner. Thus Guy Vernes proudly presents: The Big Idea.

The choice was quickly made for a crewneck, raglan-sleeved sweater; a simple item with a sophisticated appearance (if done the right way). A raglan sleeve has the characteristic that it extends in one piece fully to the collar, as one can see from the diagonal seams that go from the underarm to the collarbone. In our opinion, it’s these lines that add a manly trait to the garment, making it the number one choice for The Big Idea.

As with all our products, this special piece was fully created in The Netherlands with a two-phased finishing process by hand both here at The Mansion and by an atelier alongside our famed Dutch city canals. Twenty one editions are manufactured in four sizes bringing about another memorable piece.

The Big Idea: heather raglan crewneck sweatshirt, fitted cut, 295 grs, 50/50 combed cotton and polyester combination, fleece on the inside for premium comfort, 21 items produced, made in The Netherlands.

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In the previous episodes: While Orka landed his first art exhibition, Soup burst in The Shop with an idea: to throw some kind of a special party…

Gorgeous models and eccentric bon vivants; if it wasn’t for the cheap wine and the under-construction state of The Shop, I’d think that we were at a fashionable soiree somewhere near the Hollywood sign. Everybody looked his best and although we didn’t fix a dress-code, The Shop seemed to be overwhelmingly white-themed tonight. The women were beautiful, scattering a grace of white dresses and Martinis against a background of wood and city pastel of the main room. In the confident, feminine manner of young professionals, they drank, laughed and toasted to the good life.

I was leaning against the wall near the door that led to the main hall. Bookie stood next to me, taking indifferent sips of his Heineken. He looked outlandishly elegant with his over-priced Jermyn Street shirt and a small Panama hat. We gazed at our animated surrounding in silence, nodding occasionally to a recognizable face; we felt good in this beautiful mess of people and the sense of young restlessness that was all around the place. We ticked bottles.

“Emre!”, a woman cried in bewildered recognition, calling Bookie by his real name, “Emre, How are you?”. As she came hurrying to meet us, I watched the social interaction of a man and a woman greeting in jovial flirtation. That was Bookie: regardless the woman, he always radiated virility and trustworthiness that made you feel an immediate comfort in his presence. On top of that, he was the complimentary type. “You look like the Gods are proud of your making tonight,” he said, observing her with gentle moderation. “Thank you! You’re looking good yourself. So what’s going to happen tonight, boys?”

Soup’s big idea was pretty simple, but somehow it was something we hadn’t done before. He gave us a marginal week to create a collective piece of work, something involving all five of us. The result was to be shown tonight, here at The Shop. Everyone involved in some kind of an industry was invited: affiliated journalists, curators, publishers, models, marketers, musicians, half the city seemed to be in the main room of our municipal factory. The pressure was felt, especially by Herman.

Through the crowd, I could see Herman actively setting up the equipment, sweating his weight off on this gentle spring night. It was unnecessary, everything was perfectly set the day before, but it was his way of taking his mind off the pressure. I was going to talk to him, but he needed a couple more minutes to settle down before becoming approachable. Bookie smiled; he was thinking the same.

To be continued.

Signed: Gayel Philwaki